Saturday, 19 July 2014

Interest in the Pathfinder MMO

It's hard to describe the reason why I'm interested in the Pathfinder MMO.

Pathfinder is my tabletop RPG of choice, partly because of the choice it affords in game. A wealth of classes, and each one expanded to bursting with archetype customization, it'll generally have a good fit for any character type you have in mind. My one gripe with it is that perhaps it's a little too broad for newer players to get into, but a careful GM can get around that.

That said, my knowledge of Golarion, the main setting, is very limited. I like what I know, but I've never had the time, nor access to resources, to research the world. When Goblinworks, the development team behind Pathfinder, said they'd be setting it in the River Kingdoms, I had two thoughts about that.

One, I didn't know anything about the River Kingdoms, and worried if that meant no variety in terrain types. Two, that this would be a great opportunity to discover new things! Hopefully some of the lore will be injected into the surrounding world, and that would allow me to piece together a thread of histories and secrets.

But even though the above is compelling, I know it wouldn't hold my interest for that long. Other MMOs have tried that tactic with little success for me. Why bother hunting the secrets already known? There's something to be said for experience, but the songs have been sung, and the text already written.

I think it's the sandbox aspect of the game that is drawing me in more than anything else. Eve online fascinated me in a similar way. Despite the multitude of people commenting on and examining the universe, no one person could claim to have seen it all, nor understood half. Even most veterans of that game have play styles they've simply not tried yet.

And that is what draws me to the Crusader Road, and Pathfinder in general.

Not only will Pathfinder emulate Eve's sandbox, but it's very development will take into account player creations and work from it's Early Enrollment.

But I think the strongest lure is the open way the developers are talking about the game. I know far more about Pathfinder now than I did about WoW when I was playing it. The developers are laying their work bare, even showing their combat formulas.

It really is refreshing to see a game company being so honest about what they'd like to do and see. The transparency should be an inspiration to all.

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