Friday, 18 July 2014

The Mission

The Crusader Roads open and beckon.

The River Kingdoms soon to be afire with conflict, both in the name of civility and savagery!

There are songs to be sung!

Tales to be told!

Epics to unfold before our very eyes!

And I, your humble scribe, will attempt to note them down.

Through out the ages, nations have relied upon the memories of its bards and minstrels. No seasoned warriors are these folk, neither learned magicians. But strong of heart and curious to a fault, they wander the lands, finding trouble and joys, great deeds and mundane, to be recorded for future reference.

This is the duty of a Pathfinder Chronicler. And here, their code:

To explore

To delve dark depths, and dizzying heights, to scour the breadth and length of the lands in search of knowledge. To seek out lives ancient and new, and to recover memories long forgotten.

To report

To keep such lore both new and rediscovered safe for future generations. To hold a record of deeds done, and agreements between men.

To cooperate

To offer aid to your fellow explorers. To realize that knowledge shared holds greater power than secrets untold. To hold the good of the many above personal renown.

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