Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Fields of study

Given time, and the multiple opportunities for written works presented by the River lands, I would quickly find myself unfocused and dejected by lack of progress in any one venture.

Structure and organization are the scaffold of creativity and works of the pen. To that end, I will give myself a number of topic areas to write about, based on the common fields of bardic study.

  • Arcana - The discussion of skills and feats, and build options.
  • Dungeoneering - Dungeon tactics and tips
  • Engineering - Housing and building plans and planning
  • Geography - Resource harvesting, and locations of interest.
  • History - The lore and background of the River lands
  • Local - Local markets and trading secrets
  • Nature - Survival and environment hunting tactics
  • Nobility - Which nob sits on which hill, polishing their ility.
  • Planes - Tales of other games, that can give insight to our world.
  • Religion - Gods unto our world, here is where we discuss Developers, and their proclamations.
That should cover everything that interests me.